Step 1: Place the center of the belt against your belly button. Fold the belt in half to find the center.

Step 2: Wrap both ends right around your body and back to your front. Press the belt flat against your uniform and wrap the ends toward the center of your back.

Step 3: Then, cross the ends over and wrap them back toward your belly button. Avoid twisting the belt at the back, as this can cause injury if you fall on that belt crease. Look in a mirror to check how the back of your belt looks. If necessary, straighten it up with your fingers.

Step 4: Tuck one end up behind your belt and pull it snug. Hold both ends of your belt in front of you.

Step 5: Then, take one end and push it up between your belt and your uniform and pull the end toward your head. Keeping pulling the end until the belt is a comfortable tightness.

Step 6: Take the end that is facing up and fold it downward over the belt. Take the other end and wrap it up and over the loop of the first end.

Step 7: Tie a square knot to secure the belt. Cross the ends of the obi belt in front of you and then take one end and push it up through the loop.

Step 8: Pull the ends to secure the knot in place. If the belt isn’t sitting firmly against your uniform, pull the ends a little further to tighten the knot.