Welcome to Master Toledo’s Japanese Karate (MTJK), a martial arts school/dojo founded in 2009 right here in Maplewood by Tenth Degree Black Belt, Grandmaster Louis Toledo. Here, we teach traditional Japanese Karate & Judo, among some of the oldest of martial arts, blended into an effective self-defense system.

All our instructors are certified Black Belts and follow a long path in the martial arts – longstanding practitioners with achievements in training others as well as receiving awards for instruction and competition. That sets us apart from other schools.

When you think of martial arts, you probably think exclusively of self-defense. That is, first and foremost, the purpose of our karate training. But the benefits of training at MTJK far surpass the art of self-defense. Yes, you will improve focus and concentration. You will learn to defend yourself and build confidence for life. You will get into stellar physical condition. But you will do these things with peers who become your karate family. Training together in our environment creates lifelong bonds.

We have students who started with us as toddlers who are now college age black belts. Parents who began training with their children when they were young and have grown together through their respective ranks. These students become our children, our cousins, our brothers and sisters. Family.