The student warrants, represents, and acknowledges, that Master Toledo’s Japanese Karate LLC (MTJK), has fully informed them of the nature and risks involved in the sporting and athletic activities taught by MTJK; that they is physically and mentally fit to participate in such activities; that they will not use the knowledge and skills acquired from MTJK in any way but a discreet and judicious manner: that they will abide by the rules and regulations of MTJK.; that they assume the risk of any and all accidents and injuries of any kind sustained by them by reason of or in connection with said activities, and hereby releases discharges and absolves MTJK, its agents, programs and employees for and from any and all liability or responsibility for such accident or injuries, whether the same are caused by or attributable to their negligence of any of them.

I also authorize that MTJK has the right to use all photographs or video taken of me or my child while participating in the MTJK programs for advertising and promotional material.

Our policy is no refunds, and we are not responsible for overscheduling your child.

Tuition payments are due one month before new sessions start.